The Man Machine Interface with Free Runtime
Unlimited TAGS (Variables)

Visual IO variables are defined on line and at design time.
Visual IO variables (global variables)are shareable over the network through an additional program
called PLC remote Control, that allows more than one instance of the software to be run simultaneously
on different machines with the same variables.
Unlimited variables in different formats : Byte, Word, Integer, Real, Extended, Single, Double ...
Creating Array and Structure if necessary.
Visual I/O variables are also shared in memory and in real time by Visual PLC.
Watch and force all variables at runtime. Each form also enables creating local variables.


All windows controls and sophisticated components : Editbox, Tabs, Listbox, Combobox, Images, Scrollers, Graphic buttons, Checkbox, Selector, Array, Graphical List, Report, Icons List, Tree-View,
ActiveX, click areas, Slider, Splitter, Status Bar, WebCam and more...

The user interface generator provided with Visual I/O is certainly the most powerful and easiest
to use on the market.


Alarms : Handle any bit or Numerical value as an alarm..
Historicals : Lets you recording in back task numerical values or binary states.
Recipes : Recipes define the list of the variables which are beings affected during the process.
Events : Events can generate a simple or complex actions.
Reports : The generator of report lets you create printable pages. Visual I/O is delivered with more
200 specialized components (with source code) to manage your data.

Automatic OFFICE Link

Thanks to Excel components, you can easily import and export your data.
Alarms, history and events are already compatible with Excel.

Up to 200 professional COMPONENTS

Component : A Reusable PROGRAM. Secure your developments.
A component can be used simultaneously by several applications.
An application can use several different components.
The components that you create are secure, meaning that nobody can see or
copy their source code, their analysis, etc. This is useful for commercial software However,
all Visual I/O components are delivery with their source code.
Of course you can also create your own components.

ACTIVEX : Use all the best components in the market.

In Visual IO, you can expose any ActiveX controls on your form.
You change its properties via the properties box, you code easily thanks to the procedures
and the methods extracted from it.
Because Visual I/O is a true high level language, you will be able to use any ActiveX on the market.

With Visual I/O use Variants, Structures complex variables & methods.

PLCs communications.

With Visual IO the following protocols are included : Schneider, Omron, Siemens, Icp, Advantech etc...,
and the are totally free.

No external driver is need.
Full Compatible with ARSOFT's Profibus Card.
For other protocols Visual I/O is OPC client & server..

Create Multilingual applications...

Switch from one language to another without disruption to your application.
Displaying Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, etc...


Use the most popular Database.
MySQL and Dbase. Visual I/O provide a native interface with MySQL and DBASE.

Thanks to ODBC that is totally managed in Visual I/O
you will connect to all the market databases.
Historical, Alarms and Events are in DBASE format by default.

A powerful LANGUAGE, Simple and Intuitive.

Visual I/O is based on the Pascal language (like delphi from Borland (c)).
Visual I/O includes an integrated assembler.

An interactive DEBUGGER.

The Visual I/O debugger uses debugging with break points and single-stepping your program.
You can also check the value of variables with the mouse.
And watch/Modify the global variables into a grid.

Create a final single Executable file.

All your application is contained in a single file (generally 1Mybtes). All the forms, programs, menus, images, PDF, Html etc.. are included.
If you use external DLL, these are also included. The deployment is extremely Simplified.